We compare the Galaxy S21 FE to the original non-FE model once more

What is the difference between the Galaxy S21 FE and the Galaxy S21? For good cause, we've been getting this question a lot recently. The Galaxy S21 FE is a new phone that was announced on January 11th, and while it is not identical to the base Galaxy S21 model that was unveiled in January 2021, the two phones share a similar appearance.

We've already addressed the Galaxy S21 FE vs Galaxy S21 debate. Has our impression altered now that we've had more time with the Galaxy S21 FE after its early January release? In short, no. You can watch our video below for a more detailed comparison. In comparison to the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21 FE is a solid device that is generally less expensive. It lacks some of the premium features of the Galaxy S21 model, especially in terms of build quality, but it does come with a larger battery, a telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom, and updated firmware out of the box. When it comes to deciding between these two options, there will always be a trade-off. One of the most essential reasons separating these two Samsung devices is the pricing. And, as different bargains and discounts come and go, their position on the food chain is fluid.

You can always check our deals area on the internet for Samsung deals, but if you want to learn more about the Galaxy S21 FE and how it compares to the Galaxy S21, you can join us on YouTube. Let us know which of these devices you would choose if you had the option.


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  • 01.02.2022

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