Exynos' market share fell in Q3 2020

Samsung's Exynos processors are not very popular among users, and there are a number of reasons why it is so. Nevertheless, Exynos was one of the top three brands last year due to the large number of Galaxy devices featuring these chipsets. However, in the third quarter of this year, the company's market share declined slightly. According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung had a market share of 12% in the third quarter of 2020. By comparison, in the third quarter of last year, it was 16%. The company now shares third place with Apple and HiSilicon Huawei. MediaTek got the largest market share of 31% in Q3 2020. It looks like the company has shown good results in the $100-$250 price segment, especially in India and Latin America. Qualcomm was ranked second with a market share of 29%.

It would seem that shipping the new Exynos 980 and Exynos 880 chipsets to Vivo should have increased Exynos' market share, but then again, Samsung has been using more Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets this year. Even next year, the company is going to release mid-range smartphones, such as the Galaxy A52 and the Galaxy A72, using Snapdragon processors. Upcoming chipsets, such as the Exynos 1080 or the Exynos 2100, could improve the situation. Many believe that the latter may have a promising future. It would be great if Samsung also paid more attention to designing a good entry-level chipset.


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  • 28.12.2020

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