The Galaxy S22 camera won't feature a 3D ToF sensor, and here's why

Less than three months have passed since Samsung released the Galaxy S21 series, and many Samsung enthusiasts are already discussing its potential successor. While some are enjoying the Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera advantages, others are wondering what camera improvements next year's flagship would have. There are rumors that the Galaxy S22 will not have a 3D ToF (time-of-flight) sensor.

A 3D ToF sensor is used for better focusing and adding blur behind objects and people, as well as in AR apps and games. The technology uses infrared light to recognize objects' dimensions, spatial information, and movement.

According to ETNews, a South Korean outlet, Samsung took this decision because many customers are more than satisfied with the camera quality even without a time-of-flight sensor. The Galaxy S10 was the first Samsung smartphone to feature time-of-flight technology. The Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S20 feature a 3D ToF sensor as well, but the Galaxy S21 does perfectly fine without it. Samsung believes that now is just not the right time for 3D ToF sensors in flagship smartphones yet, as there are few really great AR apps and games.

The Galaxy S22 is rumored to feature a larger camera sensor, a pop-up front-facing camera, and an Exynos processor with AMD Mobile Radeon graphics. We can also expect to see some interesting innovations in the forthcoming smartphones, as Samsung may join forces with Olympus, and the Galaxy S22 is the first on the list.


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  • 19.04.2021

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