Samsung showcases its innovative OLED panels

Samsung unveiled a range of new OLED panels at the Display Week 2021 online exhibition. You can take a closer look at the panels' capabilities in a new video released by Samsung Display. In particular, the video gives us a better grasp of how Samsung's innovations can look like in real life.

The video starts with a demonstration of an S-Foldable smartphone. It resembles the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but with the addition of a third screen. When unfolded, the display appears almost endless. Then you can see the Under Panel Camera in action. Such a solution allows you to enjoy a truly edge-to-edge experience. Another innovation presented in the video is a 17-inch foldable laptop with a 4:3 aspect ratio when unfolded. You can also see a concept of the much-talked-about slidable smartphone that can be extended without any folds.

Of course, all these concepts are impressive, but the question is: when will they become a reality? Nobody knows, probably even Samsung itself.


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  • 18.05.2021

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