S Pen stats tracking

Everything that could be improved in the Galaxy Note S Pen so far has been improved. But there is one feature that Samsung hasn't introduced into the S Pen over the years. We are talking about S Pen statistics tracking. This may not be the most essential information, but as an optional feature, it would be nice if users could learn more about their S Pen usage patterns.

What if you need to know how many times, say, a week or a month, you eject your S Pen? Or which S Pen apps you use the most? The list of indicators can go on and on, everything is limited only by our imagination. Thus, in order to view this information, there should be a special application, where users could not only track statistics for a specific period, but also reset data, configure the necessary parameters or completely turn off the tracking. Or, instead of an app, just a new S Pen statistics category in Settings would be fine.

Overall, the lack of this feature is not so critical, but it could significantly expand the user experience with the S Pen. What do you think of this idea? We would be very glad if you share your opinion with us in the comments.


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  • 12.09.2020

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