Samsung is working on Galaxy A33, a successor to the Galaxy A32

Rumors have surfaced that Samsung is currently working on a sequel to the Galaxy A32. The Galaxy A32 suffers from rather unpleasant performance flaws, so the Galaxy A33 is supposed to fix all the problems with lags.

It seems that chip shortages are not a big obstacle for Samsung to release new affordable smartphones for every taste. The company also plans to release its cheapest 5G smartphone in 2022, the Galaxy A13 5G, along with other new Galaxy A smartphones, namely the Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A73.

As for the Galaxy A33, according to recent leaks, the smartphone may only come in a 5G variant, which would be great. Unfortunately, to provide higher network performance, Samsung often sacrifices some other features of 5G models. This creates a very noticeable performance gap between LTE and 5G variants.

At the moment, this is all the information available about the Galaxy A33. But we hope that more details will leak soon.


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  • 25.10.2021

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