This time we focused on entertainment apps. They are all very popular and worthy of your attention. Meet our third part of the 25 best apps for Samsung smartphones.

The 25 best apps for Samsung phones. Part 3

  1. Pinterest
    Pinterest is truly a treasure trove of inspiration. It is not exactly a classic social network, but you can also send messages to your friends there and follow other users. Pinterest is designed to promote an exchange of ideas. There you will find tons of pictures, videos, and gifs on various themes. You can search for inspirational pins by keywords or images and then save them to your boards. You can also upload your photos, videos, drawings, etc., as well as saving them from external resources.
  2. Talon for Twitter
    Talon for Twitter is, as you may have noticed, a Twitter app that brings a lot of useful improvements to the social network. First, a more attractive design, advanced customization of notifications and themes. Secondly, live tweet streaming and emoji support. Thirdly, support for two accounts. Plus an advanced tweet filtering, quick access from the notification bar, and many other useful details.
  3. Instagram
    It is hard to imagine that there are still smartphone users who would not know about Instagram. It has long ceased to be just a social network for sharing photos. Its developers are constantly introducing new tools that make the user experience more interesting. Yes, you can still just post your photos, videos, and stories for your friends, but you can also promote your business and creative projects.
  4. Spotify
    Spotify is one of the most popular services for listening to music and podcasts. It is widely known for its good algorithms for personal music recommendations. It offers a large number of music playlists by genre, place, decade, for any occasion and mood. Do you want to meditate or cook dinner? Just select a matching playlist in Spotify, and you will be guaranteed a good atmosphere. You can also create your own playlists and follow other users' playlists.
  5. Netflix
    Netflix is one of the best and most popular streaming services. Watch movies, TV series, documentaries, cartoons, and anime. Netflix regularly adds new materials and also films its originals. The service adjusts the recommendations to suit your taste. You can watch Netflix on any device, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or smart TV.


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