The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was officially announced on 5 August this year during Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event. Compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, its specs are not as impressive as we would like them to be. But the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would not be a flagship if it did not offer its users some interesting features. The feature that we are going to highlight in this article is that with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra you can now record videos at 120fps.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has several useful camera

As for the aforementioned Galaxy S20 Ultra, the 120Hz refresh rate does not work well with many applications. The same problem is with video recording, which is limited to 60fps. In the new flagship, Samsung tried to overcome these limitations, at least with the issues of video recording, introducing the ability to record video at 120fps. This allows Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users to record videos in higher quality and take full advantage of the high refresh rate display. It is important to note that the feature is only available in Pro Video mode. This is most likely because 120fps videos are recorded at a fast shutter speed that reduces the amount of light captured by the camera. As a result, videos shot in low light conditions are of poorer quality and more likely to have flickering.

Despite all this, the feature is pretty good. We can assume that with a new update, the Galaxy S20 lineup will also get it.


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  • 24.08.2020

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